HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! | We'll be back in January!

About Us

 Welcome to ila & Co! We're glad you're here! Our products are handcrafted in Southern California by Afro-Latina owner, Grisel.


We specialize in custom combination candles, wax melts and candle accessories. We are proud to use high quality ingredients in our products but what really lights us up is our mission of empowering you and advocating for the importance of self love and self-care.


We believe that you can do anything.


Seriously- you can accomplish any goal, personal or professional- and it all begins with how you talk to yourself and how you care for yourself. We are so into daily affirmations and regular self care (who says self care is only for Sundays anyway?) Pick a phrase that empowers you to get hard things done, reminds you to slow down, or both!


We play hard, but we know it's equally important to take care of ourselves and recharge. 


Our candles are BOSS AF. Really. Whether you need to hype yourself up to get things done because you're a boss ass bitch - or switch up the pace and relax - we're with you! The perfect reminders day in and day out - and they smell amazing too!